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About Sturgeon Creek Arabians

Horse Country editor, Linda Hazelwood, wrote and published an article in the March 2014 issue about SCA’s 30-year history, and the prestigious Endurance Canada Award of Excellence we received for our breeding program: Carl Fudge, Sturgeon Creek Arabians.

Our focus is on line-breeding to the gene pool created by the offspring of PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA.  Virtually all our offspring contain line-breeding to PRIBOJ x TAKTIKA, and some contain line-breeding to *SABELLINA PASB as well. All of our broodmares trace to mares that were either Stakes winners or race winners in Russia and Poland.  Please take the time to look at our Articles page, and read the articles about TAKTIKA and *SABELLINA PASB.

We breed for horses with correct conformation and large hind quarters, as it is the hind quarter that provides the motor and propulsion to the horse. Our horses have gone on to take their owners to championships in endurance, winners at the race track, and ribbons in dressage and the Arabian show ring. 


Carl Fudge showing Moment Of Mine, Champion Mare at their first horse show in June 1986.  Moment of Mine was SCA’s foundation mare, born in April 1984.  A longer write-up about Moment of Mine is included on our Significant Horses page.



SCA stallion *El Purchino (barn name “Puppy”) in dressage competition in Manitoba.


Czar Kazan (*El Purchino NSB x Balakaia by Kaiyoum++), Open Top Ten dressage champion in Canada, and ridden dressage competition in Manitoba.


Ashley Fudge winning an English Competition, riding her horse GA Sweet William.

Credit: R.A. Pullano



Pyroteknic (Pyatigorsk x TW Czorta by SAMTYR) winning at Delaware Park, October 1999.



We also breed for versatility, and for temperament that children will love:

  Paradigm Shift driven by owner Mike Stueve.  Credit: Karen Stueve. Paradigm Shift with owner Mike Stueve and 10-month old son Cole.  Credit: Karen Stueve.  

See Paradigm Shift also on our Endurance Page.



Riding lessons at the farm:

  Darcy Fudge riding Shikos Aladin Ashley Fudge with two of her Centered Riding students  


Foals are always cute! 

  Czarina (barn name “Cheryl”) with her stall kitten buddies Vested Legacy (barn name “Buddy”)  
  Savour The Moment (barn name “Sammy”) Minorska (barn name “Saucey”) with her dam, Moment of Mine  
  Selebrity (barn name “Lucy”) Mistawa (barn name “Misty”)  

If you are looking for an addition to your family, please take a moment to review our Sales horses!  

If you purchased one of our SCA-bred horses, we would love to hear from you!  We would be thrilled to get photos, and find out how you are enjoying the wonderful versatility that is the Arabian horse.   Email Us directly, or check out our Facebook page.



Following racing convention, names of Stakes race winners have BOLD TYPE AND CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that placed second in a Stakes race are Bolded But Not Capitalized. Race winners are in CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that did not win, or did not race, have only the First Letter Of Each Word Capitalized. For horses imported to North America, a star * is placed in front of the horse’s name and its country of origin is added to the registered name. PASB = Polish Arabian Stud Book; RASB = Russian Arabian Stud Book; GASB = German Arabian Stud Book; NSB = Netherlands Stud Book.


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