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Sturgeon Creek News


Sturgeon Creek Arabians Breeding Program Awarded Endurance Canada’s new “Award of Excellence"

Credit: Shereen Jerrett

We are pleased to announce that Carl Fudge, Managing Partner at Sturgeon Creek Arabians in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada received Endurance Canada’s new award, the “Endurance Canada Award of Excellence 2014, For Exceptional Contribution to the Sport of Endurance".

The award was presented by Terre O’Brennan, Chair, Endurance Canada, in recognition of “Sturgeon Creek Arabians, Endurance Horse Breeder of Distinction”, on February 7, 2014 at the national equestrian governing body Equine Canada's Annual Convention held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

To read more about the history behind SCA and this prestigious award, here is an article edited by Daphne Richard, Past Chair, Endurance Canada, Sturgeon Creek Arabians.


SCA-bred horses have travelled around the Earth, and well beyond!

In January 2014, 27 SCA-bred horses travelled around the earth (24,902 miles at the equator) in AERC-sanctioned rides.  Since then, some horses we bred have continued to compete, and new endurance horses have begun their endurance careers.

 For more details and ride statistics, please look at our Endurance page.



2019 News:

Congratulations to Cheryl Langbein, DVM of Santa Rosa, California on her purchase of the mare SCA Mirror Image (IMAGINE THAT MA x Mirasol x *Ghazni GASB)!  SCA Mirror Image (aka “Sparkle”), born May 13, 2012, was sired by IMAGINE THAT MA, a race-winning son of MONARCH AH.





Sparkle was trained by Jeff From and ridden by Chris Paulus in Manitoba. Sparkle completed one 25-mile endurance ride in 2017 and seven 25-mile rides in 2018, including back-to-back rides at the Ride on Mars on May 19 & 20 (Best Conditioned on May 20th); Beautiful Belair on July 21; back-to-back rides at Spruce Woods where she got the High Vet Score on day 2; and the Manitoba Equestrian Championship on September 22, 2018 where she was elevated and completed an extra loop (35 miles in total).

Cheryl came to Manitoba in mid-January, during very cold temperatures, to ride three of our sale horses.  It is a testament to Cheryl’s commitment to her endurance career that she was willing to brave our winter weather to choose Sparkle!







Cheryl has been a champion endurance rider in California for more than 20 years.  Previously, Cheryl purchased three geldings from SCA, including Seek The Moment (aka “Mack”) in 1999 and Reason To Believe(aka “Reason”) in 2005.  Cheryl and Mack were IAHA 50-mile Regional Champions.  Cheryl and Reason were on Team USA at the 2008 World Endurance Championship in Malaysia; Reason was AHA Champion 100-mile horse and AERC Reserve Champion 100-mile horse.    

Cheryl’s father, Jerry Gillespie, DVM, has been an endurance rider in California for more than 50 years.  He also has purchased SCA endurance horses, including his current gelding, Photon.

We wish Cheryl and Sparkle a great partnership in future endurance rides!



Photo credits: Martha Gillespie

Comments from Cheryl Langbein March 8, 2019 after her first 15-mile ride on Sparkle. How is she so sweet and amazing!? After cuddling and brushing we went for a 15-mile ride around the general area.  She crossed a creek with no problem, wasn’t bothered by a big truck and machinery working out in a field near the road, a big SUV passed by her with no problem. No shying at all!  Love petting and snuggling. Doesn’t flip her head up and down, stands totally still for saddling and bridling. I’m in love!!

We are very sad at the sudden passing of Susan Friedman of Santa Clarita, California, after complications from major surgery.  Our deepest condolences go to Sue’s brother, Paul, family and friends.


In 2002, Sue purchased our mare Be My Love (Pyatigorsk x Balalovja by *El Purchino), called “Meela” by Sue, and their endurance career began. Sue and Meela spent the past 18 consecutive AERC ride seasons together, a huge accomplishment for them both.


Meela is the highest rated of all our SCA-bred endurance horses. Meela completed 3,325 AERC and LD miles, 71 of 76 rides, 17 top ten finishes and 2 wins.  Sue and Meela received several AERC awards, including AERC Decade Team for 10 consecutive ride years, the shortest possible time); the 3000-mile award; and AERC’s first 10- and 15-year Longevity Awards in 2017, for 10 and 15 years of rides of at least 50 miles per year. Sue and Meela placed 4th in rides at Coso Junction and Death Valley in December 2018.


SCA partners spoke and emailed regularly with Sue over the past several years.  Sue always set goals for her rides.  Sue was looking forward to riding Meela in the coming years, to earn an AERC 20-year Longevity pin, and membership in the AERC “Century Club” in 2021 (which would have been Sue’s 75th birthday and Meela’s 25th birthday, adding to 100 years).


We know that Sue is riding in her red colours and “bling”. 



Sue and Meela win the Coso Junction 25-mile ride, December 2, 2017.


Sue and Meela, 4th place, Coso Junction 25-mile ride, December 2, 2018.

Credit: Lynn Glazer Imagery


Credit: Lynn Glazer Imagery




2018 News:

We are pleased to announce that our 37th endurance horse, SCA In The Mood (IMAGINE THAT MA x My Grand Madame by *Grandeur NSB), aka "Ernie", completed three 25-mile endurance rides in 2018.  The first two were back-to-back on August 25 and 26, 2018 at the Spruce Woods Spectacular in Manitoba. The third was the Manitoba Equestrian Championship at Birds Hill Park on September 22, 2018.


SCA In The Mood at the 2-day Spruce Woods Spectacular ride, day 1, August 25, 2018.


SCA In The Mood at the 2-day Spruce Woods Spectacular ride, day 2, August 26, 2018.

Credit: Darice Whyte


SCA In The Mood was born in 2014, and he is trained and ridden by Jeff From.

SCA In The Mood’s sire, IMAGINE THAT MA, is a race-winning son of U.S. National Champion Racehorse MONARCH AH.  SCA In Motion’s dam, My Grand Madame, had a full-sister and half-brother competing successfully in endurance in California.  His ¾ brother, SCA In Motion (IMAGINE THAT MA x Mirasol by *Ghazni GASB) competed in endurance in Manitoba in May 2018.

Ernie’s “mentor” for the two Spruce Woods Spectacular rides was SCA Mirror Image (aka Sparkle), ridden by Chris Paulus. On Day 2, Sparkle placed 3rd and Ernie placed 4thSparkle completed her first 25-mile endurance ride in Manitoba in 2017, at the Manitoba Equestrian Championship.  In 2018, Sparkle completed six 25-mile rides, including back-to-back rides at the Ride on Mars on May 19 & 20 (Best Conditioned on May 20th); Beautiful Belair on July 21; back-to-back rides at Spruce Woods where she got the High Vet Score on day 2; and the Manitoba Equestrian Championship on September 22, 2018 where she was elevated and completed an extra loop (35 miles in total).

SCA In The Mood and SCA Mirror Image are for sale.  For more information, please go to our Sales page.


We are pleased to announce the sale of Perseverence (Pyatigorsk x Diligence by *SEKSTANS PASB) to David Steen of Touchwood Arabians, Balmoral, Manitoba.


Perseverence is one of the last sons of Pyatigorsk, one of the all-time leading sires of Arabians in Canada. Perseverence has his sire’s beautiful black bay colour and long mane. His dam, Diligence, was bred by SCA. Her sire was the Polish stallion *SEKSTANS PASB, who was a race winner in Poland before coming to North America and becoming a champion in Open English Pleasure.


Perseverence has great substance and a friendly personality.  He has offspring out of mares sired by different stallions. Percussion, a gelding out of Selebrity by *El Purchino NSB, stands 15’3 hands and has been competed in endurance, finishing in the Top Ten in five of eight AERC rides. A daughter, Dance Proudly, out of Dancing Queen by Philosophy, is in our broodmare band. Another daughter, SCA Ariel, is a 2016 filly out of Apperitif by PISTASCHIO. All three of the sires of these mares have *SALON RASB blood.


We wish David Steen all the best, as he adds Perseverence to his Arabian breeding program.






2017 News:

Four SCA-bred horses win the new AERC Equine Longevity Award!

Credit: Susan Friedman


A new AERC award, the Equine Longevity Award, honors equines with at least 50 miles of completions a year for 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. This can be done with LD miles or endurance miles with any number of riders.  The new Award took effect on November 30, 2016.  All horses that met the criteria up to that date were recognized.  The owners received Equine Longevity Award pins and a letter of congratulations from AERC.


BE MY LOVE, owned by Susan Friedman in California, received both the 10-year and 15-year Awards!

SPIRITED MUSIC (owned by Brooke Schick in California), SCA DARTAGNAN (owned by Myna Cryderman in Manitoba), and SAVOUR THE MOMENT (owned by Lois Wifall in California) received the 10-year Award.



BE MY LOVE (Pyatigorsk x Balalovja by *El Purchino NSB), 1996 mare

  SPIRITED MUSIC (PISTASCHIO x Kaluwa by Pyatigorsk), 1996 mare
SCA DARTAGNAN (*El Kasaka NSB x *Dolly NSB by *MUSLIN RASB), 1990 gelding   SAVOUR THE MOMENT (*SEKSTANS PASB x Moment Of Mine by *El Kasaka NSB), 1994 gelding

Both BE MY LOVE and SPIRITED MUSIC also are AERC 3000-mile Equines, and they continued to complete rides in 2016. They, and their respective owners, also are AERC Decade Team members, having competed together in AERC rides for at least 10 years in at least one 50-mile ride a year.

We are excited that these four horses are getting such prestigious recognition from AERC!  Terry Wooley Howe, AERC Competitions Committee Chair who created the Longevity Awards, indicated to Susan Friedman that Terry “sent out 685 pins to current members. Of those, 62 were 15 year pins.” 

Comments on Facebook: 

Carl Fudge: As the breeder of these great horses that have received this award, I am thrilled in the knowledge that all four of these horses were sired by different stallions and all four were out of different mares. The only commonality was our breeding program and that is very gratifying. My partners and I would like to thank the owners and riders of these horses for without their dedication and efforts the horses would not have accomplished what they did. Thank you! 

Susan Friedman: You are soooooo welcome and thank you for breeding my Dream Horse… I am in excellent company.

Brooke Schick: Spirit is still going strong and doing 50's. Her first 50 for this season will hopefully be Los Padres in April.

Myna Cryderman: I had no idea Dart and I received this award. Nice surprise… Very good idea to award longevity in this sport.


You can find more details about these four horses on our Endurance page.

We are pleased to announce that our 35th endurance horse, Inner Sanctum (IMAGINE THAT MA x Sound of Silence by Pyatigorsk), aka "Piper", completed his first endurance ride (50 miles) at the Cowichan Valley Rail Trail North ride in Duncan, BC on October 14, 2017.  Piper was born in 2011, and is owned by Christine Thomson of Delta, BC.  Chris has been riding in AERC endurance rides in the Northwest Region since 1997.


This was an historic ride for SCA – a BC “homecoming”. Christine and Piper’s ride buddies were Heidi Telstad and Independent Mover (IMAGINE THAT MA x Ballet In The Park by Pyatigorsk), aka “Indy”.  Piper and Indy were pasture buddies as they grew up in Manitoba, and they were ridden together for the first time at this ride.  Heidi purchased Indy from us in 2016.  Heidi was one of three co-winners of the 8th annual Mongol Derby endurance ride in 2016 in Mongolia.



Independent Mover ridden by Heidi Telstad at the Cowichan Valley Rail Trail North ride.


Independent Mover and Inner Sanctum ridden together at the Cowichan Valley Rail Trail North ride.

Credit: Christine Thomson


Credit: Carol Wolver



This Cowichan ride included some high trestle bridges and lower wood bridges.  Christine commented on the ride: “Piper completed his 1st 50 miler along with Heidi Telstad and Indy.  These 2 horses grew up together and had so much fun going together all day! Thanks to Carl Fudge for breeding them! We had soooo much fun and they were quite the pair...I think they enjoyed it too! … Piper really shined all day long.  So glad I did a 50 and not 25 as he was still full of himself at 30 miles!”


Congratulations, Christine and Piper, and Heidi and Indy!




Following racing convention, names of Stakes race winners have BOLD TYPE AND CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that placed second in a Stakes race are Bolded But Not Capitalized. Race winners are in CAPITAL LETTERS. Horses that did not win, or did not race, have only the First Letter Of Each Word Capitalized. For horses imported to North America, a star * is placed in front of the horse’s name and its country of origin is added to the registered name. PASB = Polish Arabian Stud Book; RASB = Russian Arabian Stud Book; GASB = German Arabian Stud Book; NSB = Netherlands Stud Book.


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